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According to the European or American standards sometimes their look is considered vulgar, but in Ukraine it means differently.
The media struggled to explain it away as racist, xenophobic, and jingoistic. While conservatives fought against the stimulus, Donald Trump said it was “what we need,” praising Obama’s schemes of “building infrastructure, building great projects, putting people to work in that sense.” While conservatives fought against the auto bailouts, Donald Trump claimed “the government should stand behind [the auto companies] 100 percent” because “they make wonderful products.” While conservatives fought against the bank bailouts, Donald Trump called them “something that has to get done.” Let his reasoning sink in for a second: The government “can take over companies, and, frankly, take big chunks of companies.” When conservatives desperately needed allies in the fight against big government, Donald Trump didn’t stand on the sidelines.

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From my experience i think its better to date someone of your proffesion, just for the simple fact that it gives you more to talk about and more to do then say dating a civilian, in the same breath tho sometimes it also has to be from your heart if you and a civi hit it off better then you and a firemen/firewomen then go with it...

Maybe I am wrong but that is my opinion, what do you think.

The sting is still there but he was caustic to our relationship.

I was messing around on Facebook the other day and came across an article one of my friends linked to titled “Fifteen Reasons to Date a Paramedic.” At least that’s how I’ll explain to my girlfriend why I was on e looking at an article on dating advice.

Articles like that one, while well intentioned, are basically fluff pieces put up by websites that need to have some sort of “content” to get page views.

They’re usually written by a person with no direct experience with the subject at hand.