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One of atheism’s sacred cows is the “Who designed the designer? Here’s how it works: THEIST: “There is so much complexity in the world, it must have been designed by an Intelligent Designer.

The best explanation for our world is an Intelligent Designer.” ATHEIST: “But then who designed the Designer?

The problem with offering “God did it” as an explanation is that such an explanation has low plausibility, is not testable, has poor consistency with background knowledge, comes from a tradition (supernaturalism) with extreme explanatory failure, lacks simplicity, offers no predictive novelty, and has poor explanatory scope.

It fails to provide almost everything philosophers and scientists look for in a successful explanation.

You can take measures to improve your health: limit sweets, get enough rest, get some exercise, and wash your hands to avoid the spread of germs. You can measure your time against the good you will do if you volunteer to help out a child via a mentoring program.

I want to kill one of atheism’s most popular and resilient retorts.

That is not the problem with offering “God did it” as an explanation.

But you are missing the prime motivation for the “God did it” explanation: The explanation itself, which you admit fails in all other respects, lacks evidentiality, etc.

A drought may explain a poor crop, even if we don’t understand why there was a drought; I understand why you didn’t come to the party if you explain you had a bad headache, even if I have no idea why you had a headache; the big bang explains the background radiation, even if the big bang is itself inexplicable, and so on…

This is not the case when God is invoked as an explanation: there is no plausible hope of explaining God, and so it is a sterile explanation.

A theory of heat that posits the existence of tiny particles leads to a search for those particles; a theory of heat based on God’s emanations leads nowhere. I agree that “God did it” is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad “explanation” for complexity or, well, pretty much anything. But it does not fail merely because the theist has no explanation for his explanation (God).

because it leaves the explanation itself (God) unexplained.

Let us ask ourselves what would happen if we required that a successful explanation must itself be explained.