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read the full post My partner has issues with his mental health, and as a result addiction.

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It’s why so many people in the military marry interracially.

You are exposed to people whom you literally depend on for your very life.

In the realm of interracial relationships, the workplace is often a facilitator for people of various races, backgrounds and cultures to come together and figure out how to keep their jobs.

In so doing, these people spend a lot of time together, getting to know folks as individuals and not some amorphous, stereotypical walking, talking blob.

I'd get very serious with him and say, "You are good.

You have a core of goodness."What's a failproof source of material for you? Like local news stories of a woman wearing hamburger shoes or just people behaving strangely. My favorite thing to do is play the character who makes out with people at the bar.

I know their husbands' names; I know their dogs' names. What would you say to a person who thinks girls aren't as funny as guys? All you need to do is watch Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig, or any of the girls in the cast right now. I'd like to think that we are past the point of debate over how funny women can be. Worst-case scenario: You wake up around 5 p.m., order Chinese food, shovel it down, watch 30 minutes of TV, and go to sleep again. My opinion is that there is one in a thousand people who thinks that and 999 people know better. One person can think the president is a lizard, but do you engage that person? Vanessa Bayer, 32 When did you realize you were funny? I had a lot of fun impersonating teachers or ordering catalogs with weird voices.

Props for calling out the "cruel bully dickheads" on Twitter who suggested you were pregnant. I felt like I was betraying myself not to say anything.

Bonds are formed that melt away bigotry, and its in those situations romances are cultivated.

What’s more, the workplace might be the ONLY PLACE that you are exposed to men of various races and cultures, so by necessity I say black women, who need to entertain ALL relationship options, can’t really afford to rule dating a co-worker out completely.

He generally has the opinion that you shouldn’t, but if you do, you better be ready to cut bait if the fish starts to stink.

I think both my brilliant and spectacularly handsome colleagues both make great points, but there’s room for a third side–mine.