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Charles and his sexy little girlfriend were going to have tea and when she went out of the kitchen to get some sugar, he dropped several sleeping pills in her cup and quickly stirred them with his spoon.

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Significant Other, the new American play by Joshua Harmon is calling for submissions to help a lucky bachelor or bachelorette find their own Significant Other. In Significant Other, the character Jordan Berman (played by Gideon Glick) is desperately trying to find a date, but he's not the only one without any luck when it comes to the dating game.We all know at least one person looking for the perfect match.

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The app lets you make a one-time purchase of 99 cents to add on an extra bracket for the day.Many Democrats think that our patience and understanding are our weakness."We don't know how to fight like the Republicans," we all told ourselves after Florida 2000.We Democrats are supposedly the party of the therapists, the teachers, and the 'relationship experts.' If anybody would be proud of the title, 'active listener', it would be a Democrat.We're the soft ones who understand where the other side is coming from and negotiate.Make fun if you will, but it made being single in this hook up culture actually an What's better than winning? Whether you've been chosen as a winner for another user's bracket, or you get a chat back from your own bracket winner of the day, it feels great knowing impersonal, unconscious swiping was not involved. Essentially, after making your profile on Bracket, the app matches you with 16 other app users every day, using the preferences you list in your profile.