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Kurdish dating customs

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Special attention should be paid to the constant attacks on Aramaic-speaking Christian populations throughout the centuries.

In the Middle East in the 1st century, Assyrians had been the first to adopt Christianity, though their claim is disputed by Copts who also claim to have been the first.

“Afterwards, they brought her a plate of rice and meat. “When she was finished they said to her: ‘We cooked your one-year-old son that we took from you, and this is what you just ate’.” The remark reduced her interviewer to tears.

Ms Dakhil also told of the fate of another Yazidi woman.

She was ten-years-old.” Nearly 10,000 Yazidis are believed to have been killed or captured by Isis during the extremists’ offensive in August 2014 across Iraq. estimated that of the 9,900 Yazidis captured by Isis two years ago, 3,100 were killed, some by brutal methods such as decapitation. It was during this period Ms Dakhil made an impassioned speech to the Iraqi Parliament, begging the world to come to the aid of her people at Mount Sinjar, where they were besieged.

Isis reserve particular contempt for the minority group.

In Egypt, Islam fought to overcome the brilliant pharaonic and Greek cultures as well as the Coptic faith.

In North Africa, Islam met Berbers, ancient Phoenician peoples, as well as Jews and Christians who had developed a thriving agriculture and had commercial ties with Europe and Africa.

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With the beginning of their conquest and expansion in 640, they encountered established centers of culture, products of centuries and even millennia- old civilizations.

The extremist group believe the Yazidi minority – who follow their own religion and customs – are devil worshippers and have waged genocide against them.

The latest horrific claims were made by Ms Dakhil in a recent interview with Egyptian channel Extra News.

IN A world beset by terrorism and humanitarian disasters, the international community remains fixated on the State of Israel.

The one and only state of the Jewish people, back in their historical homeland, is a beacon of democracy in the Muslim-Arab sphere devoid of human rights, left behind by social and economic progress and subject to frequent bouts of bloody unrest.